Christening/Baptism Personalised Shawl/Blanket/Stole - Select Your Preferences

We use one personsalisation form for all your blankets/shawls/stoles options. If you have any questions - please email

1. Please check the description of the shawl/blanket you like and note the fabrics/designs/trims used.

2. You can select any combination of the designs on offer to be embroidered on any of the fabrics in any colour with any of the trim options available. We work not from the picture you have selected, but from the options. For example, if a picture is of a satin stole, but you select White Silk Shawl, White Silk Shawl it is!

3. If you have any questions, please email first at:

Important: This image is for illustration only. If you would like any designs embroidered on your shawl, then you must select the relevant options below.

Please select the blanket/shawl/stole type and/or fabric and colour. This option MUST be selected for the personalisation form to work:
Embroidery text/initials in main corner (10 pence per character). Please enter all of the text to be embroidered on your shawl. For example, if you would like a name in the main corner and a poem in the opposite one, please enter all of the text in the text box below and leave a note about the positioning.
Please email if you require embroidery in a foreign language as the total cost might not be calculated correctly due to specifics of font compatability in the code.
Select embroidery designs for all four corners and get one FREE.
  • Presentation Pouch for your shawl +£14.00
  • Matching Bib +£16.00
  • Sparkling Swarovski Rhinestones (placed around embroidery) +£3.00
  • Matching Bonnet +£15.00
  • Booties +£24.00
Additional order information regarding text positioning, layout, embroidery, colour, particular trim, shawl for older child (rectangular), etc:

And finally... If you are finding the whole thing a bit too complicated (you are not the only one ;-) then please email us some pictures of what you are after and we will help with selection!