Useful Links

Here are some of the links you might find useful: — Think your child is safe in YOUR car? Check! This website, although, not relevant to the products on this site, is the first stop on the internet in car sefety and particularly relevant for parents with small children and parents to be. Be SAFE! — Here you can find some useful information if you are thinking about a Christening or a Baptism or possibly a Naming ceremmony. — Wikipedia offers you a wealth of knowledge compiled by different people regarding the Baptism, its tradition and Theology. You can find different points of view and the differences between the different approaches to Baptism/Christening by various Religious groups. — Many little verses for any occasion including Christening, Baptism and New baby. Verses can be used on handmade invitations, thank you cards, baby gifts or even one of my Christening/Baptism shawls or blankets to make it extra special. — Lovely website with lots of gorgeous cakes for you to look at. Many cakes especially for your Baptism/Christening ceremony. Even if you prefer to order locally, this is a good website to see what can be done! — Some important information regarding silk care which is essential to know if you are purchasing one of my silk Christening/Baptism shawls or gowns. Silk is a very delicate fiber and requires good care! — Have a look at our sister site selling wicker cribs and cradles for your little ones! — With winter approaching get your little one a stunning personalised footmuff that not only will keep them warm and dry but will also look terribly cute!